Logo Rhythms

Track 1: Mulungushi Rock

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Logo Rhythms

(mini-cd, i.e. usual size disc but less than 20 minutes)

by Michael Baird, recorded in 2012.

A solo project by Michael Baird, playing the music of the Roto-bongi on a set of five closely tuned drums, representing the sun, moon, earth, pre-life and after-life. The melodic approach has been passed down over the generations and is seen as ancient knowledge, reflecting a cosmic view of interconnectivity. (Actually the Roto-Bongi are not an imaginary people invented by MB, but the roto-toms and bongos he plays this music on!) Total time: 17'18" of bliss. Costs only 5 euros, excluding postage, as this is a mini-cd.

Tracklist: 1. Mulungushi Rock, 2. Budugu, 3. Kundi Afternoon, 4. Musungu Kalela, 5. Budugu Horizon, 6. Bonguma Evening, 7. Dagbamba Waa, 8. Kyondo Phone Company, 9. Mongu Medium Walk.

The Wire 2014 (GB): "Logo Rhythms is percussion music that radiates enjoyment, driven by relish for polyrhythmic patterns, their complex regularity and crafty departures from that. It's just 17 minutes long, but that's fine. If you need more, just run these nine brief tracks again and you'll find their smile grows broader."
Slagwerkkrant 2014 (NL)"Michael Baird is nou typisch zo iemand voor wie een standbeeld zou willen oprichten. Op Logo Rhythms legt hij duizelingwekkende ritmes vast, die resulteren in een mengeling van gecomponeerde slagwerkmuziek en oergrooves uit Afrika. Ik heb de slechts 17 minuten durende cd een paar keer op hoofdtelefoon beluisterd en ben nu compleet gehypnotiseerd, horendol en gedesoriënteerd. Een stortvloed van trommelslagen is over me neergedaald in een uiterst constructief geheel. Fascinerend."  "Michael Baird is typically one of those people for whom you would want to erect a statue. On Logo Rhythms he has recorded mesmerizing rhythms, resulting in a mix of composed percussion pieces and African jungle grooves. I have listened to the cd, which only lasts 17 minutes, a couple of times on headphones and am now completely hypnotised, numbed and disorientated. A flood of drumbeats has rained down upon me as an extremely constructive whole. Fascinating."