New Digital Release - 'Banana Login'

Single track - digital release only

The track 'Banana Login' was recorded back in 2016. We decided to release it as a 'single' now in April 2023 - to celebrate this new season of spring. And to get you feeling spritely and give you happy toes! With wonderful mastering by Zlaya Hadzic. A percussion duet with 2 log drums (sometimes also called slit drums). Ton van Dort plays the low drum and Michael Baird the high one. You can download the track as a high quality 48000 kHz/ 24 bit flac file, or wav, or mp3 - downloadable via https://swprecords.bandcamp.com/track/banana-login . Only 1.20 euros (or voluntarily more) for 5 minutes 38 seconds of warm music.....

(You might notice that the bananas in the photo are the small sweet ones from the village, or from your garden - not the supermarket bananas grown in some gigantic plantation and sprayed with poisonous substances.....)