SoonSoon   LP

Track 1: Standard Motion

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SoonSoon LP

(180 grams vinyl lp)

by Michael Baird and guests, recorded 2014 and 2015

Limited edition 180 grams lp, with seven tracks from the cd SWP 048 ’SoonSoon’. With guests David Tronzo (USA) – slide guitar, Yvonne Cornelius (D) – vocals, Andy Moor (GB) – guitar. With wailing guitars, an electric cello, a Batonga thumb-piano, a string sextet, dance beats – just some of the colours on this album. This music cannot be categorised, you will have to hear it!

Side A: 1. Standard Motion, 2. Beep-Bop (feat. Yvonne), 3. Elektro Easter Teaser (feat. David). Total 19"11"
Side B: 1. Bontibe-Malende, 2. Pinky's Dayout remix (feat. David), 3. Jairoscope (feat. Andy), 4. The Winter That Died Slowly. Total 19'41"

Jazzflits 2015 (NL)"Hij fabriceert hier een eigen klankwereld met behulp van elektronica en af en toe wat slagwerk, en houdt de humor altijd in het vizier."  "He has built an own sound world here, using electronics and at times percussion, and doesn't forget to include some humour."