Two new lp releases available from July 1st 2016!


SWP 051   Malawi Grooves 1950, '57, '58 

Despite Madonna's adoptive meanderings, Malawi is still not fashionable. These crystal clear recordings of incredibly hip music show that it should be – for all music lovers, especially world music and African music fans, in fact anyone looking for inspiration and beauty. This album with grooves by Cewa, Mang'anja, Tumbuka, and Tonga musicians represents only some of Malawi's many rich music cultures, with fifteen tracks selected from our cds SWP 013 'Southern And Central Malawi' and SWP 014 'Northern and Central Malawi'. Eight of these fifteen tracks feature the bangwe board zither, an amazing 7-stringed instrument that is sometimes strummed and sometimes plucked. Plus pure wizardry by a likhuba tuned drum ensemble, a magical magogodo xylophone duet, an extraordinary big band of malipenga kazoos, and exquisite a capella singing by both men and women. An extraordinary 180 grams vinyl record.

SWP 050   The Kankobela of the Batonga 

The kankobela is the thumb-piano of the Batonga in the Zambezi Valley on both sides of Lake Kariba in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Upon hearing this music, you will ask yourself, is this not an acoustic instrument?! Indeed it is – the 'distortion' you hear is made by taking the membrane a mother spider spins around her eggs and stretching over a small hole made in the hardwood plank of the instrument to create that wonderful buzzing, and the 'way-wah' effect is achieved by lifting the plank at one end slightly off and back on the resonator. The less taught the membrane, the heavier the buzz: Tongatronics but without any electricity! Otherworldly songs, mesmerising time patterns – groovy, funky, ancient, modern. Eight tracks selected from our cds SWP 036 'The Kankobela of the Batonga Vol. 1' and SWP 039 'The Kankobela of the Batonga Vol. 2'. Every track a star on this beautiful 180 grams vinyl record.