Nederlandse Première 'Mutanuka and Syasiya'

Saturday 16 October at 14.30 hours in Zaal 1, Louis Hartlooper Complex, Tolsteegbrug 1, Utrecht: after official selection for the Austria International Film Festival, the Lyons International Film Festival (USA), and the Docs Without Borders Festival (USA) where we also won an Award of Merit, our documentary film 'Mutanuka and Syasiya' can finally be seen in the Netherlands.

Two old master musicians amongst the Leya people in southern Zambia, Crispin Mutanuka on the silimba xylophone and Edwin Syasiya on the kanimba lamellophone, are the last playing their respective instruments. When they die, will their music die with them? Can the influence of the ancestors simply just cease? A film about cultural diversity - threatened worldwide by globalisation.