Finally concerts Ferrari Safari!

Four dates in the Low Countries

After so many ups and downs, governmental incompetence, fear and panic, and gigantic pharmaceutical profits since corona took hold in Europe, finally concerts by Ferrari Safari - percussion duo with Michael Baird and Pino Basile. Hot, weird, contemporary, swinging - duets from an impossible safari full of adventure.....

Thursday 15th September, at 20.30 hours, in Salon De Ijzerstaven, Bickersgracht 10, Amsterdam

Friday 16th September, at 20.30 hours, in Podium Ongehoorde Muziek, Ruysdaelbaan 106, Eindhoven 

Saturday 17th September, at 20.00 hours, Marnix Zaal, DUMS, Domplein 4, Utrecht

Sunday 18th September, at 17.00 hours, Minigolf Beatrijs, Beatrijslaan 19, Antwerpen

From the international press: Dyolo (F): "Friends of rhythm, friends of sharp grooves, friends of the drumset...hello! Percussionists talking to each other, circling each other, gauging each other, they have created a new percussive language." Jazzflits (NL): "They clearly are not interested in easy dazzling with speed or other shallow virtuosity. They lay down profound, African-like grooves.” Songlines (GB): "Hop in this Ferrari for a percussive tour of the world! Magnificent Afro-jazz drumming, a variety of percussive textures and soundscapes." Vinile (IT): "There is something mysterious about this music, something hypnotic. Creating an ancestral atmosphere, punctuating sunsets and vibrations of the dawn.”

But don't blindly believe what music journalists write - come and check it out yourself if you are in the vicinity, and support live music!