Dom Tower Bells

Track 1: Dom Tower Bells

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Dom Tower Bells

The beautiful bells of Utrecht

The Utrecht Dom Tower Bells are among the finest in Europe. Now finally a recording that captures the build-up and power of this music! All 14 bells are rung together only twice a year. This sequence is 14’56” in length. Yes this is a 'field recording' made in the centre of an old city! Both as a longtime resident of the old city centre of Utrecht and as a musician/composer, Michael Baird loved the sound of the Dom bells when they were all rung together every August. And as an internationally renowned field-recordist of music out in the African bush, for many years on such ringing occasions he wandered about the centre of town searching for the (probably) best spot from which to record this heavenly music thundering down upon us from a high tower. No easy task, such a recording, also with over 300 people present in the cathedral square! The recording, made in 2018, was then mastered by a top sound-designer from the film world, ensuring that each bell is perfectly audible. This recording does justice to the beautiful bells of the Dom Tower of Utrecht, rung with dedication by the Utrechts Klokkenluiders Gilde.