Mutanuka and Syasiya

Track 18: Kuli Shungu

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Mutanuka and Syasiya

by Crispin Mutanuka and Edwin Syasiya, recorded 1996, 2010, 2014, 2018

Two old master musicians amongst the Leya people of Zambia – when they die their music will die with them, as the young people just are not interested. Music as an endangered species! Globalisation is a threat to traditional music. This cd has all the music heard in the documentary film ‘Mutanuka and Syasiya’ made by Michael Baird and Engel Mulder (filmed in November 2018 & completed in May 2020), plus other recordings made over the years by Michael Baird of Crispin Mutanuka (b. 1931) playing his silimba xylophone and Edwin Syasiya (b. 1939) playing his kanimba lamellophone. Two duets by the two of them, sounding together as one instrument – this combination of xylophone and thumb-piano is unique in all of Africa – plus solo tracks by each musician.                                             Crispin Mutanuka died in June 2019. RIP.

Tracklist: 1. Wbelelwa, 2. Cheeba Mabelo Abanakwe (Crispin's version), 3. Wabu Kuwa Simufwene, 4. Cheeba Mabelo Abanakwe (Edwin's version), 5. Chibengelele Muyuni, 6. Chisenga, 7. Ninzi Camba Mukwa Kuma Bombe, 8. Sosoloka Ndila Kutwa Kansi, 9. Muzeemo, 10. Sia Chinyama Ntula, 11. Musimbi Nguma, 12. Lozi Dance, 13. Nkoya Dance, 14. Kuomboka Song, 15. Mutema Syabazibe, 16. Sichiwindi Kuya Balombe, 17. Crispin’s Last Date, 18. Kuli Shungu. Total time: 70’43

Songlines 2021 (GB): "Both silimba and kanimba have a delightfully clunky and earthy tonal quality - both played with intricate accuracy and fittingly accompanied by the touchingly intimate vocal mutterings of the respective players. Fascinating and superbly packaged examples of disappearing cultures."