Luangwa to Livingstone

Track 15 from 'Chikunda/Nsenga/Soli/Cewa': Galimoto, by Mufrika Edward

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Luangwa to Livingstone

Media book containing 4 CDs and a 48-page booklet

Four albums of glorious Zambian music from the easternmost part of Lusaka Province down to the southernmost part of Neighbouring Southern Province - recordings from the confluence of the Luangwa and Zambezi rivers to the Victoria Falls. Recorded by Michael Baird. And the 4 cds are: SWP 054 'Chikunda/Nsenga/Soli/ Cewa', SWP 055 'The Complete Kalonda Band Recordings', SWP 056 'Southern Province Mix', SWP 057 'Leya Ceremony and Songs'.

The music of the Chikunda people has never been recorded before, great drumming and beautiful songs their direct Nsenga and Soli neighbours, and the tremendous talent of Mufrika Edward of Cewa origins with his kalimba. Then John Simubba, from the Gwembe Valley and leader of the legendary Kalonda Band, who died in 2005, allegedly killed by witchcraft  - the complete recordings from 1996 and 2002. The third cd is a vibrant mix of traditional music of the Valley Tonga, Plateau Tonga, and Ila peoples, including the ancient kalumbu bow and some warm examples of homemade guitar, a mix of old and new. In the immediate vicinity of the Victoria Falls live the Leya people, with ceremonial and traditional songs of great intensity and deep meaning. These four albums presents music that is as honest as it is diverse, every track here has the potential to lighten up your day and your way!


SWP 054 'Chikunda/Nsenga/Soli/Cewa': 1. Mai Sole, by Chikunda Ngororombe Luangwa Group, 2. Nalzela Na Mwa Kachasu, by Chikunda Ngororombe Luangwa Group, 3. Ana Mba Bvuu Nambani, by Mwantanda Cultural Group, 4. Muna Bantu Muimu, by Yapite Cultural Group, 5. Chikwasha, by Tiyiseko Group, 6. Paya Nyama, by Tiyiseko Group, 7. Olila, by Mbambala Cultural Group, 8. Kwelelwa, by Soli Culture Dance Troupe, 9. Nsensele, by Soli Culture Dance Troupe, 10. Bamunphanshya, by Soli Culture Dance Troupe, 11. Ku Lamba, by Soli Culture Dance Troupe, 12. Titwe, by Mufrika Edward, 13. Kumpeta Milombe, by Mufrika Edward, 14. Sembe, by Mufrika Edward, 15. Galimoto, by Mufrika Edward.

SWP 055 'The Complete Kalonda Band Recordings': 1. Sicikolo, 2. Kalonda (’96 version), 3. Sianyaka, 4. Mizimu, 5. Tatandwi Najiba, 6. Twaka Lya Moombe, 7. Kalonda (’02 version), 8. Tulamuyanda, 9. Twalumba Kumilimo Yenu, 10. Kasilimu, 11. Siankali Bonene.

SWP 056 'Southern Province Mix': 1. Jokolo Jokolo, by Dominic Mooya, 2. Basimbi Basunu, by Amos Milambo, 3. Ncindakabona Kumbo, by Enock Mbongwe Haciwa, 4. Tuye Ku Moonze,by Chris Haambwiila, 5. Kutabambwa Kabotu, by Chris Haambwiila, 6. Ngoma Ching’ande, by Obi Mizanda & Boka Chingomba, 7. Zyavwula Nkanga, by Veronica Doropo, 8. Kamusukuma, by Veronica Doropo, 9. Boona Yeeye Balacho, by Twiyandane Band, 10. Taata Akaka, by Twiyandane Band, 11. Ulavoola Mulumi Wavagamwale, by Tucembe Lunkonde Group, 12. Ndaalikule Basa, by Ngoma Yamwami Ufwenuka, 13. Mucila Wamunyumbwe, by Ngoma Yamwami Ufwenuka, 14. Kabbongola Kamba Kulya, by Saini Mweemba, 15. Balozi Bandicima, by Short Mazabuka, 16. Mu Mabbanana, by Green Mamba, 17. Ndati Jatauke Ku Musana, by Aaron Nchenje.

SWP 057 'Leya Ceremony and Songs': 1. Atubatambule Beenzu Besu, 2. Kuli Shungu Namutitima suite, 3. Jamba Lyangu, 4. Kupopa, 5. Nzovu Omuzikuluma, 6. Ndalema Koompolila, 7. Bwabuka Buleya, 8. Tobana Ookamaimbo, 9. Irarila Ngoma, 10. Tyo Tyo Ndekayuni, 11. Syamayaya, 12. Ndeka Chembele, 13. Bataakweeni Kulya Mucheelo.

review Afropop 2020 (USA), about both 'Luangwa to Livingstone' and 'Music from Barotseland': "Baird’s laser focus on Zambia, his childhood home, and his dedication to recording otherwise impossible-to-find music, in the field, puts him in a special category. My hat goes off to him for producing his most ambitious project to date: eight albums of his Zambian recordings packaged in two elegant booklets—four CDs per volume—with extensive notes about each track and a fine collection of photographs to boot. These albums offer a dazzling array of southern African drumming, choral singing, rootsy guitar and xylophone traditions, and disappearing lamellophone styles."

review NRC Handelsblad 2020 (NL), about both 'Luangwa to Livingstone' and 'Music from Barotseland': “SWP Records bracht in maart 2 boeken met totaal 8 cds en een elpee uit. Het staat vol fascinerende, maar voor Europese oren onwennige Zambiaanse muziek. Van duimpiano’s tot 5 meter lange xylofoons gemaakt van junglemateriaal en eensnarige muziekbogen.” “SWP Records released 2 books with 8 cds and an lp last March. They are full of fascinating, but for European ears, unfamiliar Zambian music. From thumb-piano’s to 5 meter long xylophones made with jungle materials and one-stringed music bows.”

review Blogfoolk 2020 (IT): “Siamo sicuri che queste due raccolte della SWP Records potranno rappresentare in futuro un riferimento per gli studi di musica tradizionale, perché presentano un corpus di musiche, strumenti e saperi musicali, anche inediti, accuratamente selezionati.“ “We are sure that these two collections of SWP Records will represent in the future a reference for traditional music studies, because they present a body of music, instruments and musical knowledge, never before published, carefully selected.”