Track 3: Bontibe-Malende

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by Michael Baird and guests, recorded 2014 and 2015

Twelve different tracks, twelve different moods. With guests David Tronzo (USA) – slide guitar, Yvonne Cornelius (D) – vocals, Andy Moor (GB) – guitar. There is a string sextet, there are wailing electric guitars, there are thumb-pianos, there are sensual vocals, there are various drums, an electric cello – just a few of the colours on this album. This music cannot be categorised, you will have to hear it! Total time 60'33

Tracklist: 1. Swelling Strings & Tarangitude (feat. Yvonne), 2. Standard Motion, 3. Bontibe-Malende, 4. Elektro Easter Teaser (feat. David), 5. Leaves For Nusch, 6. Beep-Bop (feat. Yvonne), 7. Jairoscope (feat. Andy), 8. Forever Now, 9. Pinky's Dayout remix (feat. David), 10. Cause Without Reason, 11. La Bounca Continua, 12. The Winter That Died Slowly.

The video clip is of track 5 on this cd. Camera work by Engel Mulder.

Desertjazz 2015 (JP): これまではパーカッション奏者というスタンスの強い作品が多かったが、今回はミニマルなアンビエントあり、ヴォーカルあり、ギター・ロックあり、バラードあり、FZ風あり、そしてユーモアもぶっ壊れ感もありと、意表を突く多彩感。"This is a percussion player with a strong stance, many works, but this is minimalist ambient – with some vocals, a guitar rock ballad, and FZ-influence, with some crazy humour, a striking variety on this album."