Tswana and Sotho Voices

Track 2: Selepe ga se ja mosu

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Tswana and Sotho Voices

Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho, 1951-'59, recordings by Hugh Tracey

Zulu singing may be well known nowadays, but the voices of two neighbouring peoples – the culturally and linguistically connected Sotho and Tswana – have until now remained out of the spotlight. Their singing of songs of great beauty is both powerful and moving, often of ancient origins and wisdoms. And their voices are also very present in the festive ditlhaka reedpipe ensembles and eerie lesiba mouthbow songs, included in this unique collection of beautifully recorded music. Twinned with our other South African album 'The Nguni Sound' SWP 020 – this is South African roots music! Total time: 66'12". 20 page booklet.

Tracklist: 1. A Re Eng, 2. Selepe Ga Se A Ja Mosu, 3. Tshetle Di Kae, 4. Maomosa Re Kaeleng, 5. Re Tswa Kwa Tlhabane, 6. Serago Ko Gae Ngwana Mmaphokoje, 7. Ko Gae, Ko Gae, 8. Majone, 9. Nkwe E Jele Rantshilane, 10. Pulana Yoo Rara Bule, 11. Ngana Wa lela, 12. Eh Pula Aene A Le Mogogo, 13. Pula, 14. Ausi, 15. Marimbo, 16. Marola Bila Kile, 17. Waya Waya Le Makalatshane, 18. Ga Re A Nwa Ka Nkgwana Pele, 19. Khajoane, 20. Makhoroane, 21. Monga Kobo, 22. Hee Ke Bale, 23. Oa Mona Letsie, 24. Litsoanya.

The Wire 2001 (GB): "This material deserves the widest possible audience."