Forest Music

Track 11: Andanyero mamamba

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Forest Music

Northern Congo, 1952, recordings by Hugh Tracey

This album mainly features two Mangbetu groups – the Mayogo and the Meje – with drum ensembles, mass singing, exquisite likembe playing, and the Azande people to the west with xylophone and the intimate kundi harp. More harp by the Balendu and a unique recording explaining the language of sending messages by talking drums by the Lokele near Stanleyville (Kisangani). Music from another world. Many of the recordings here have that personal Tracey clarity, and all great performances by the best musicians – pure magic. Total time: 65'48". 20 page booklet.

Tracklist: 1. Congo Bereji, 2. Gbada, 3. Masi Asibi Mbaya, 4. Agapa, 5. Three Girls' Party Songs, 6. Adomba, 7. Nadu, 8. Nemangolia, 9. Meria, 10. Dzoli, 11. Andanyero Mamamba, 12. Nakatiye, 13. Gibolo, 14. Gitari Na Congo, 15. Mildebina Vungu Kwato, 16. Zilo, 17. Amama Mi Adu Nagwetia Lebobo, 18. Ndiri, 19. Taragina, 20. Abu Madzada, 21. Mali Ta Kangana, 22. Talking Drums Of The Upper Congo.

The Beat 2002 (USA): "All of this music was recorded with rigorous accuracy by Tracey who, often as not, took the microphone in hand and waded into the musicians’ midst during performances. The immediacy and detail resulting from the recordist’s proximity to his subjects is faithfully reproduced on the SWP discs. As Lowell Thomas used to say, 'You are there'.”