Twig it

Track 4: Wazza Time

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Twig it

by the group Sharp Wood, recorded in 1993

Mysterious sounds, pastoral compositions, by a unique group with a unique line-up – drumset, percussion, mallets, keyboards! A further development of the rhythmic 'voodoo-jazz' concept, recorded in 1993. With Michael Baird (GB), Jogi Gillis (SUR), Ben Gerritsen (NL), Michiel Borstlap (NL), & guest Michael Moore (USA). Total time: 60'27".

Tracklist: 1. The Legend Of Sleep, 2. Marching, 3. Prelude Contemplatif, 4. Wazza Time, 5. Ping Peng Pong, 6. Tumbles, 7. Mutende, 8. Mwapoleni, 9. Son Of House Dancing, 10. Ten Blues You Can't Lose, 11. Xylo Xyzo, 12 Legend Feuillet.

Frankfurter Rundschau 1994 (D)"In der Musik dieses Quartetts vereint sich die europäische Tradition direkt mit den afrikanischen Wurzeln des Jazz, sozusagen unter Umgehung Amerikas."  "In the music of this quartet the European tradition is directly united with the African roots of Jazz, missing out America as it were."
Utrechts Nieuwsblad 1993 (NL)"Sharp Wood is een band waar je met open mond naar zit te kijken en maar beter ook met open oren naar zit te luisteren, want er gebeurt van alles."  "Sharp Wood is a band that you watch with your mouth open and which you had better listen to with your ears open, because there’s a lot happening."