Zam Groove

Track B2: Musipili, by Libala Band

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Zam Groove

(140 grs vinyl LP)

Recorded by Michael Baird in 2010, 2016 & 2018

7 tracks from Zambia, each with an irresistible groove! Two trance tracks by the old Leya xylophone master Crispin Mutanuka, three tracks of exquisite Barotse Guitar sound by the Lipa Band and Libala Band, and two tracks by Mufrika Edward in the Cewa tradition with his kalimba and golden voice.

The two xylophone tracks will also be on the cd SWP 066 'Mutanuka and Syasiya', to be released later in 2020, the three guitar tracks are taken from the cd SWP 060 'The Barotse Guitar' (which is one of four cds in the media book SWP 058 'Music from Barotseland'), the two kalimba tracks are taken from the cd SWP 054 'Chikunda/Nsenga/Soli/Cewa' (which is one of four cds in the media book SWP 053 'Luangwa to Livingstone'):

Side A: 1. Cheeba Mabelo Abanakwe, by Crispin Mutanuka, 2. Muzeemo, by Crispin Mutanuka, 3. Titwe, by Mufrika Edward. Total 17'20"

Side B: 1. Toninge Silami, by Lipa Band, 2. Musipili, by Libala Band, 3. Masholi, by Libala Band, 4. Galimoto, by Mufrika Edward. Total 17'03"

Muzikifan 2020 (USA): "This short but sweet seven track LP is a very choice selection of the best music you could hope to find in Zambia today."