New CD release November 1st!

SWP 066 'Mutanuka and Syasiya'.

Such beautiful music! Two old master musicians, Crispin Mutanuka (b. 1931) playing a silimba xylophone and Edwin Syasiya (b. 1939) playing a kanimba thumb-piano, are the last on their respective instruments. Just 5 kms from the thriving tourism around the Victoria Falls in Zambia, the centuries-old musical culture of the Leya people is dying out. Field recordist Michael Baird presents disappearing music culture, under threat from globalisation. The documentary film 'Mutanuka and Syasiya' tells the story of these two master musicians, through their music, silent observations, and frank interviews. This cd contains all the music from the film and all the other recordings of Crispin and Edwin made by Michael over the years - in 1996, 2010, 2014, 2018.