Track 1: Kalonda
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Off to the sides of the main road between Livingstone and Lusaka, Zambia's Southern Province is vibrant with a large diversity of music – topical songs, unique guitar styles (often with self-made guitars), catchy tunes and rhythms, beautiful harmony singing, and some nice drumming! The roadside reality – the state of music as it is. And it is the hands of wonderful individualistic musicians, in this relatively unknown part of Africa, who deserve a wider audience. Relaxed field recordings by Michael Baird of top performances only - and with a great sound. Total time: 69'07". 20 page booklet.

Tracklist: 1. Kalonda, 2. Moyo Taukali Mucamba, 3. Busiku Bwanduuma, 4. Maggie, 5. Kalinda, 6. Nobantu Bacisi, 7. Wbelelwa, 8. Shungu Namutitima, 9. Twalumba, 10. Mwachibona Chimami, 11. Baka Mana Bana Mubingi, 12. Hamakando Vwila, 13. Kulila kwakabbanjo, 14. Kasilimu Baama, 15. Aidisi Tiyakalonda Banyama.

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Zambia Roadside

Zambia 2002, Music from Southern Province, recordings by Michael Baird